Furnace Installation in FirestoneIf you are looking for furnace installation services in Firestone, CO, you can rely on our skilled technicians at True Heating & Cooling. During the cold season, it’s paramount to have your furnace working efficiently to provide a comfortable living environment. However, you might have noticed that your furnace is no longer heating your house as expected or there is weak and lukewarm air coming out of your vents. Our technicians fully comprehend this situation all too well! For this reason, we are swift to send our technicians to offer furnace replacement services when requested.

    Whether you reside near the Firestone mine, Jacob H. Firestone Memorial Park, Cost Cutters, or St. Vrain State Park, we are always available and ready to handle any furnace replacement services that you need.

    Quality Furnace Installation in Firestone

    Usually, before deciding to have your furnace replaced, it’s essential to have it inspected by a professional. Normally, several factors weigh into this decision.

    Furnace replacement is determined by factors ranging from system efficiency to operational cost and its expected lifetime. It’s not advisable to merely replace a furnace if it still has a good energy rating or can be tuned-up for winter.

    Through proper guidance, you need to consider the below factors when choosing to replace your furnace.
    • Fuel type
    • Operational and maintenance cost
    • Energy efficiency
    • Furnace’s size

    Furnace efficiency is a huge factor you should bear in mind. Usually, furnaces over 15 years old have a lesser efficiency than modern ones. However, seeking higher efficiency means you have to dig deeper into your pockets; still, the higher efficiency pays off in time.

    The fuel type used by the new furnace is a crucial consideration since you want to minimize the costs associated with introducing a new fuel line or type in your home. Usually, furnaces run on oil, gas, or electricity. Look through the options available and find one that is cost-friendly for you.

    We prioritize your comfort this winter. For this reason, we are quick to dispatch our team to inspect the condition of your existing furnace, take into consideration the above factors, and offer honest recommendations. If you give the go-ahead, we’ll begin the furnace replacement right away, followed by rigorous testing to ascertain the optimal working efficiency of the newly installed unit.

    Your Furnace Replacement Team

    Your Furnace Replacement TeamAt True Heating & Cooling, we are committed to offering the best furnace installation services in the Firestone area. We have created a reputation for providing quality services within the local community by consistently exceeding expectations. We are more than happy to serve Firestone with trusted and quality services. Call us today for more information on furnace installation services.

    Not looking for furnace installation? We also offer AC installation services. In need of heating maintenance? At True Heating & Cooling, we also offer trusted furnace maintenance. Does your furnace require repair? We offer furnace repairs as part of our comprehensive package.